Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Planting Season

I LOVE this time of year!  Everywhere you look everything is in full bloom!  As soon as the weather breaks I can't wait to get my hands dirty and get some planting done around my yard. 
 This year our back yard is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, and interfering with my normal garden growing.  Since a tree fell on our garage this past winter during a snow storm, we are in the middle of building a new garage right where our vegetable garden normally goes.  This also means that in a few weeks the old garage will come down leaving a MESS behind.   So for right now we are on hold with gardening the back yard…but that hasn’t stopped me!  I have done a lot of planters with flowers to spruce up the yard for the time being and even did a herb garden in small pots on my patio. 
A few weeks ago I had my son help me plant some seeds…which he thought was great…although he did think it was a good idea to plant rocks with the seeds.  Ignore the dark night time pictures…I’m a working mommy and sometimes this is when things get done! 
I used letter stickers I picked up at Joann’s on clearance to label my pots.  That way they can be peeled off and relabeled next year if necessary.
My son LOVES to help water the plants…and we are finally stating to get some spouts!
Planting any kind of garden is a great outdoor project for kids and getting dirty is so much fun!  What better way to get your kids to eat vegetables, then for them to EAT what they help GROW!



  1. I'm with you! We have a brand new home and are up to our elbows in dirt. Cute herb pots and good luck to you.

  2. I am the rare woman who hates gardening, but every year I give it another try just because I can't deal with the alternative--a lawn full of weeds & bitchy neighbors talking about me. I love flowers & herbs, and I get excited when things grow and look pretty, but I hate bugs with a passion and if one touches me, that's the end of gardening that season! But this year, I'm actually kind of into it. At least for now I to me in mid-summer when it's 90 outside and I'm pulling weeds while trying to keep bees away from me!

    Love the stickers on the herb pots. Such a cute idea!

    You might like my friend Melanie's blog, called Baconseed ( It's a gardening/mom blog.

  3. Thanks Jaime...I will check out your friends blog...and good luck with your gardening! I'm love the planting and I find the watering to be relaxing actually, but not so much the weeding :/