Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year...New Year's Goals

So it's a new year and like everyone else I have some new year's resolutions myself.  Ok lets not call them resolutions, let's call them GOALS.  New Year's resolutions always seem to be broken.  Everyone says they are going to diet, exercise, get organized...and that works for a few weeks months, then they give up and go back to the same old ways.  Isn't there a point at the end of every year where you ask yourself, what exactly did I do this year?  Okay, maybe it's just me....but anyway, this is my way to hold myself accountable for the things I want to accomplish this year. 

And first up was starting this BLOG...I have been asked already why? ...and don't you have enough to do already?  And I'm not sure I have the best response to either of those questions...yet.  For now it just an avenue for me to share my creative ideas, thoughts, and struggles...and maybe, just maybe, find other people that can relate to my life.

SIMPLIFY...get rid of the clutter and things we don't use and really organize.  Not just cleaning out closets, but really getting in there and organizing things, labeling, and putting everything in nice boxes.  My biggest project will be my own closet or should I say that entire spare bedroom that I take up with my clothes now and would like to have back as a spare bedroom :)  I have some other projects like a new message station in our kitchen that I hope will keep us all organized (I will show you that one soon, so stay tuned).  Hopefully everything will get its place and there will be less hectic "where did I leave that last" moments in house in 2011.  Doesn't everyone want need a pantry that looks like this one courtesy of House of Smith's blog (she even has the word Simplify over the door)...

LAUGH more, STRESS less.  Spend more time letting my son help and less time worried about how much of a mess the outcome will be.  Spend more time with friends and family and less time worried about how clean my house is when they show up unexpectedly.  Stress less about the small stuff, and concentrate on more time at home with my family doing nothing but enjoying each other's company, more focus on myself, and a better relationship with God.

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