Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Valentine's Project

We have been covered with the white stuff pretty often this winter and last night when the snow started falling I decided to do a quick little Valentine's Day wreath for my back door.  Everything starts looking a little bare this time of year once the Christmas decorations come down, and I wanted to get into the spirit for the next holiday which I don't have many decorations for :)  I just LOVE the pop of color it gives my back door!  This would be the perfect snow day project, because it is so quick and easy and you only need a few supplies you may have around the house.  And I know a lot of my teacher friends have the day off today, so I thought I would share...

Cute right??  And so easy :)
You will need:
A wreath or wreath form - I found mine at the dollar store :)
Some ribbon - I used some eyelet ribbon I had left over from another project
Tissue Paper - I found Valentines Day tissue paper, again at the Dollar Store :)
A hot glue gun & glue sticks (about 4)

First I glued the ribbon around the wreath, just to cover it like this...

Then I cut the tissue paper in 4 inch squares

 Then I took each piece of tissue paper and pinched it in the middle and glued the pinched part to the wreath like this...

 I continued to do that, using the different print and color papers around the entire wreath

And it started to look like this :)  At the end I went back and filled in some empty spots I could see and that was it!  You can't mess it up!  Really easy and cost me $2 :)  Here's another picture of the finished project.  You could easily do this with fabric scraps or cupcake liners as well!  Here's a link to one I just found today...  And switch up the colors and it's a great simple project for any time of year :)


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  1. Hey Kara . . . so cute! I've actually been looking for an easy wreath I can use indoors. This may be my "go to" idea! Thanks for sharing!