Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moss Easter Eggs

This spring I decided to go with a very green and earthy decorations and only a few pops of color.  I have had my spring vignette completed for a few months now (which I will show you tomorrow), but I finally added a few little "Easter" touches.  Here are my simple spanish moss easter eggs I made to hang from the Pottery Barn inspired branches I made a few weeks back.
I used some plastic eggs I picked up at Big Lots months ago that already had a ribbon attached, but you could used any egg and attach a ribbon to hang or just put them in a basket to display.  You will also need a bag of spanish moss and some spray adhesive.
Lightly spray each egg with spray adhesive and then cover the egg with the spanish moss.  At first they will look a little crazy and out of control.
Spray another layer of the spray adhesive on top and then squeeze the egg with your hand to mold the moss to the egg.  You will have sticky hands afterwards so as a warning you might want to remove your jewelry...I learned my lesson the hard way!
Here are the finished eggs.  You can leave them as is, or add embellishments like mini flowers or ribbon.  I am hanging mine from some branches on my vignette, so check back tomorrow to take a look :)



  1. These are sooo cute! I have to try this!
    I have to check out the oreo pancakes in the next post too!

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